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Fire Alarm System

We deal in Design, Supply, installation, Testing & Commissioning of Both Analogues Addressable Fire Alarm System & Conventional Fire Alarm System. We have trained engineers for installation, Testing & Commissioning of Both analogue addressable Fire Alarm System & Conventional System. We follow the design criteria of NFPA 72.

Access Control System

We promote various makes of acces control system ranging from syris to europlex. Our engineers have undergone training in Errection, testing, programming and commissioning Access Control System.

CCTV System

We are providing CCTV System of Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, Pelco, Computra make.

Sprinkler System

We design, Supply, Install and comission the sprinkles system as per NFPA 13.

Burglar Alarm System

We are providing Burglar Alarm Systems in Various Banks such as UTI, Canara Bank etc.


We have expertise in designing and installation of Vesda System.

Fire Hydrant System

We are having a team of engineers who specialize in Design, Supply, Installation, testing & commissioning of Fire Hydrant System & Our design team has under gone training of NFPA rules and follow NFPA-20 and 24 while designing and installation of Fire Hydrant System.

Automatic Fire Suppression System

We are providing Co2, NAFS III, NAF 125 & FM – 200 etc., based fire suppression systems.

Fire Extinguishers

We are supplying all types & capacities of Fire Extinguishers to all the sectors in AP.

Fire Trace Tube System

We are specialized in Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Fire Trace Tube Systems which is extensively used in Western and Far Eastern countries for protection of Electrical Panels, UPS, DG sets, Servers, Heavy and Hazardous heavy vehicles.

Fire Resistance Filling Cabinets

We are dealing in Fire Proof Cabinets for storing Magnetic and Non-magnetic files.

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